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Sex and Old Age

Intimacy for Old People is a product line that was developed with the aim of assisting in old people to become more independent and self-reliant. It is basically a collection of CDs and DVDs, which have various exercises, exercises videos, audio talks, as well as other miscellaneous content that may be helpful to older people.


In some instances it also refers to an intimate talk with someone that is known by the elderly person, but not him/herself. Often, with intimacy for old people, the person is the only one who takes part in the discussion, even if the person he/she is talking to knows about the content of the conversation. It is a way of making the elderly feel comfortable with someone they know and have known in their life.

However, intimacy for old people has been quite useful for older people who have difficulty maintaining their private lives. Sometimes, the loneliness and isolation can lead to a more severe case of depression.

Intimacy for old people is also known as infidelity in the olden days. When the person is dependent on the activity of another person, the relationships may not have a long term impact. But if the person goes beyond the limits of sharing and becomes aggressive or hurtful, then this relationship may become too much to handle. This can lead to a situation where the elderly person finds it difficult to communicate and have intimate talks with his/her partner.

Partners In Crime

Intimacy for old people is also known as infidelity, when the old person is trusting another person whom he/she knows about. Sometimes, if the trust is broken and the old person’s trust is betrayed, then it may be possible for the old person to fall into deeper dependency. The relationship that will then develop can turn out to be quite dangerous.

Intimacy for old people can also be called infidelity when the activity of one person is conducted behind the backs of the old person. Here the old person finds it difficult to keep in mind that the person he/she is dealing with is not the person she/he first met and had intimate talk with. Thus, with all the signs of intimacy for old people, the activities of the person will be quite risky.

Sometimes, the things that are spoken between the old people is a matter of emotional and verbal abuse. If these abusive statements are left unreported, then the couple may resort to physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and so on. Moreover, these types of actions, if repeated, will become the norm, rather than a rare occurrence.

The risk of becoming dependent on another person is not the only reason that makes intimacy for old people’s such a dangerous situation. In fact, the old people can develop problems as well as stress as a result of this kind of relationship.

Older people find it difficult to cope with the lack of independence. For them, intimacy for old people may help in the above cases as well as some other issues which arise from this problem.

These days, the popular attraction for intimacy for old people is the fact that it may help in maintaining relationships and friendships. This can lead to the problem of caring for someone whom the old person has forgotten about.

Older people who find intimacy for old people helpful often feel disappointed when they later discover that their older friends have fallen into similar traps. They tend to think that, although this is a beneficial tool, it is not going to last forever. So, at least they will be able to get over their loss and their anger as they realize that this tool does not give them the lasting solutions which they had hoped for.

Intimacy For Old People – What Is It?